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Exclusive wooden floors in the most original and natural form

A stylish wooden floor is a true showpiece for any interior. Whether this concerns the interior of a tasteful decorated villa, luxury hotel, pleasant office environment or high-end commercial real estate. The exclusive Prestige Wide Plank wooden floors from FB Hout stand for customization, quality, nature and sustainability. This is reflected in every design that comes into a beautiful decorated space. The unique wooden floors from the Prestige Wide Plank range are the epitome of exclusivity. Each shelf is the product of pure custom work and is individually handcrafted. From sawmill to finishing line, we fully manage the product development of Prestige in-house.

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The features of our most exclusive Prestige Wide Plank range:

  • XXL planks in versions up to 48 centimeters wide and 3.9 meters long;
  • The floor parts are handcrafted during a traditional production process;
  • In this way, each custom plank obtains its own unique, exclusive appearance;
  • All Prestige products are FSC® certified and CE certified;
  • Complete in-house product development and sustainability policy;
  • Every Prestige Wide Plank product is Cradle to Cradle Certified ™ Silver;
  • Production in The Netherlands: from sawmill to finishing.

Unique planks with a robust appearance

The luxurious Prestige Wide Plank wooden floors are available in the variants Original Surface and Sanded Surface. Both types are characterized by the craft of skilled professionals who combine knowledge and expertise to create a beautiful end product. Each plank is unique and has a robust appearance with an authentic character.

Original Surface

The Original Surface variant consists of a surface that is similar to the raw Oak from the sawmill. These 3-layer floorboards are made entirely by hand. The structure is as follows: 4 mm Oak – 12 mm birch plywood – 4 to 8 mm Oak top layer. Lengths range from 2100 mm to 3900 mm and widths range from 280 mm to 480 mm. The top layer consists of the original surface. That is why the Prestige Wide Plank Original Surface has the beautiful, natural look of the original raw material. Each floor part is unique by preserving the natural structure of the wood.

Sanded Surface

The Sanded Surface variant from the luxurious Prestige Wide Plank flooring line has a flat sanded surface. The construction of these 3-layer floorboards is as follows: 4 mm Oak – 12 mm exterior glued birch plywood – 4 mm Oak top layer. Sanded Surface is distinguished by the available colors. This collection can be produced in all colors from the FB Wood range.

Sustainable and circular

All Prestige products are FSC® certified and Cradle to Cradle Certified ™ Silver. That is why they contribute in a crucial way to a better and healthier living environment. One of the requirements of the circular economy, is that the product retains its value. This means that no harmful substances are used during production. The exclusive Prestige Wide Plank wooden floors stand for the best quality and meet all environmental requirements.

Completely customization

Because of our own production – from sawmill to finishing – we have complete in-house product development. That is why it is also possible to manufacture the exclusive Prestige Wide Plank wooden floors completely tailor-made. In addition to floor coverings, they are also perfect to use for: kitchen, wall, ceiling, staircase, cupboard and door coverings in interior construction.

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