More about us

More about us

Mission FB Hout
Continuous supply of high quality wooden elements for the commercial market on the most safe and efficient way.

Made in Europe
All the wooden floors produced by FB Hout are manufactured with the specially developed FB+ construction of waterproof birch plywood load bearer and European oak top layer. These FB+ products are produced by FB Hout in the Netherlands, Germany and Lithuania and can be separated in three product groups, being:

FB+ Design Parquet – Wooden flooring patterns such as herringbone, chevron and strip flooring.
FB+ Wide Plank Flooring – Traditional wooden floors available in the widths of 180mm, 220mm and 260mm, which ensures the right solution for every customer. 
FB+ Prestige Wide Plank – This is the most exclusive and impressive product that FB Hout produces. These wooden floors are produced in varying heights, widths and lengths up to 4 meter long and 48 centimeter wide. Visit and discover wooden flooring in their purest and most original form.

Custom made
Besides the most common features it is possible for FB Hout, due to its own production facility, to design wooden floors fully customized in all thinkable patterns. Thereby, the wooden floors of FB Hout are not only applicable as wooden flooring but are also perfect for interior construction. Think among others about wall-, ceiling-, cupboard- and door covering.  

Supply Chain
FB Hout owns the entire Supply Chain from sawmill to end product and because of this we have complete control over the production process. FB Hout can therefor guarantee you that we only produce and distribute the most durable, exclusive and best quality wooden floors. This full control ensures that FB Hout can fully provide you of customized wooden floors, fast delivery times and the highest quality. Because of this you are able to meet the needs of your customers and this allows you to succeed at every project enquiry.

Family business
The family company FB Hout has been founded in 1986. For over 30 years now, FB Hout is the specialist in wooden flooring which are also applicable as among others wall-, ceiling-, cupboard- and door covering. As a family company FB Hout has a long-term focus. Not only internally, but also towards our partners we always aim on a personal, long-term relationship in which trust is one of the key success factors. 

Please check out the full timeline of FB Hout here.

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