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As you have probably heard or as you may have seen on our website and social media pages, we are involved in a large refurbishment and renovation project of our office and showroom.

In January, we opened our brand new office on the ground floor. Here, our uniquely designed wood products have been applied in several ways to show the unlimited possibilities that wood offers. We have used a combination of wood and other products to create a scene that is very much like most of the projects that our customers are working on.

From the start of January, people have been working very hard to create our brand new showroom. This is going to be an experience center for our customers and their clients. We have the facilities and our partners will be able to use it. We are finally getting closer and closer to the opening date and we can’t wait to tell you more about it! For now we cannot give you all the details yet but we can promise you that it will be both innovating and spectacular! It will  be everything you expect from a showroom and way beyond. It is going to be the next level and fully in line with our sustainability program and plans.

To stay up to date about the latest news of our showroom and to receive some sneak previews, please follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter. We will also continue posting news on our website.

To pre-book your visit to our showroom, send an email to or call 0031224 – 551686. THE 10 FIRST VISIT CONFIRMATIONS RECEIVE A FREE XL SAMPLE PANEL OF OUR EXCLUSIVE BESPOKE RANGE!!