FB Hout gave the children from elementary school De Meerkoet an assignment to work on


Three weeks ago, two groups of the school De Meerkoet visited the production facility, distribution center and warehouse of FB Hout. Today two other groups of schoolchildren visited us and again this was a fun and educative afternoon with 28 kids in total.

Just as the school children who visited us three weeks ago, these children also have the assignment to draw their own, individual design of which they think it would be the best design for the wall in their classroom. FB Hout will pick the best design and will invite the winner, together with two friends, to come by and actually realize this wall.

We would like to thank all the school children who visited us today for their active and enthusiastic attitude during the tour. The 15th of April is the deadline of the assignment and we are looking forward to receiving all your designs! We hope that this has been an educational experience!